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  • As soon as they could get building material, they erected two frame houses.
  • No one is certain why the stone was erected at this spot.
  • The buildings could be erected quickly; some were built in four months.
  • By this time some half a dozen houses had been erected in the place.
  • He offered the building to the council if they would re-erect it but they refused.
  • His marriage no longer a secret, the young man might erect a house of his own.
  • The whole plant can reach tall to the top of the erect central leaves.
  • Ask the subject to stand erect with feet together and eyes closed.
  • New buildings mainly of European style were erected throughout the town.
  • The land on which the town would soon be erected had been first purchased from the government by.
  • The main gate for road traffic was erected on the north side.
  • Marie quickly grew and erected its first church, free school, post office and store.
  • A large platform was erected on a hill outside the city.
  • A post office was also erected ten years later.
  • Later a white frame building was erected south of the railroad tracks.
  • There had already been plans to erect an independent museum since the 1960s.
  • Within eight months, enough funds had been collected to erect a new building.
  • Having done so, he secured himself the right to erect a building on his own real property.
  • In addition, erecting one can take days and they are not intended to be moved often.
  • Five buildings were erected to house workers and the business.
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Meaning of erect

  • adjective Upright in position or posture
    an erect stature, erect flower stalks, for a dog, an erect tail indicates aggression, a column still vertical amid the ruins, he sat bolt upright