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  • Equivalently, a set is closed if and only if it contains all of its limit points.
  • Equivalently, an edge is a bridge if and only if it is not contained in any cycle.
  • Equivalently, elements of the extension field can be written as ordered pairs of real numbers.
  • Equivalently, X is perfectly normal if and only if every closed set is a zero set.
  • This can be equivalently expressed as "If an object is red, then it has color."
  • Moreover, the open interest is the number of long positions or, equivalently, the number of short positions.
  • In contrast, extensive formations associated with large areas may be equivalently represented at many locations.
  • Equivalently, f is continuous if the inverse image of every open set is open.
  • The evil of the last days had fallen from him, and the reaction was equivalently violent. Cited from A Mere Accident, by George Moore
  • Equivalently, the problem of selection changes the basic sense of P-values.
  • Equivalently, every edge in such a graph belongs to at most one simple cycle.
  • Equivalently, the same name has two different numerical values depending on whether it is being used in the long or short scale.
  • Equivalently, we may also use the following definition.
  • Equivalently they will be equal if their coordinates are equal.
  • Equivalently, we can think about a charged particle at rest in a laboratory on the surface of the earth.
  • Or, equivalently, we need to fully define the space on which we want to define f.
  • We can ask whether those are the same topologies; equivalently, if they give rise to the same completions.
  • Equivalently, it is a function space whose elements are functions from the natural numbers to the field K of real or complex numbers.
  • Equivalently, it says that time average and average over the statistical ensemble are the same.
  • Equivalently, being a consequence of a given condition is coextensive with being a necessary condition for it.
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