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  • The new record equates to an average distance of approximately per day.
  • It was clear that different forms of the test would need to be equated.
  • A match between the two countries is often equated with war.
  • She later equated this experience to "a finishing school where they finished me".
  • This equates to an average distance of just under per day.
  • For me it was always about what was fair and I still do not equate the law with justice.
  • Being the first tree does not necessarily equate to being the first living thing on Earth.
  • Listed below is a list of races which equates with the points table further down this page.
  • The less work required on a vehicle equates to a higher price.
  • In both these cases, then, adding more time to an otherwise fixed system equates with more learning.
  • For a high volume environment, that could equate to a half-million documents or more per month.
  • For these purposes, wait time can be equated to the price of an object.
  • In other words consumption is created by and equates itself to production of market goods.
  • Bell equated legislative election to the county-unit principle already struck down by the courts.
  • Character was equated with choice as rather than psychology, so that character was determined by action.
  • Common person equating involves the administration of two tests to a common group of persons.
  • This first part of the wedding service can be equated with the 'civil service'.
  • Only if the principal is available in full throughout the loan term does the flat rate equate to the true rate.
  • The kingdom and the Church must never be divorced, yet they also must never be equated.
  • City status does not directly equate with population size.
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Meaning of equate

  • verb Be equivalent or parallel, in mathematics