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  • She no longer sees her parents for what she grew up envisioning them as.
  • He began to envision himself as a national figure, possibly even an international one. Cited from The Titan, by Theodore Dreiser
  • Business vision development refers to how a company or organization envisions the future development of their company.
  • If a student envisions a committee that is not yet held at the school, he/she can start one.
  • Temple envisioned building a community where average people could afford to live and own their homes.
  • This new building is part of the re-envisioning of the arts on campus.
  • She envisioned a house that was free from association and could create a connection between the inside and outside.
  • Still, Lee stated he never envisioned any actor other than Washington in the role.
  • During this journey, he chose a site for the capital of the future state which he envisioned.
  • Thompson had always envisioned the film in black and white prior to production.
  • It envisioned itself as the political arm of the black church.
  • These so-called model villages were envisioned as a self-contained community for the factory workers.
  • Through financial systems envisioned especially for the poor/developed world, many companies have been able to get started with only limited capital.
  • Science fiction writers have been envisioning such trade for much longer.
  • It was envisioned that the station's District line services would have been replaced by the new line.
  • This meant that he was unable to envision himself in the future.
  • He began to envision something similar, yet unique, for this location.
  • This was envisioned to help foster a sense of community among campus groups.
  • He could conceptualize and envision a project when no else could see what was there.
  • Two years later, he said that he could not envision a merger of the two federal parties.
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Meaning of envision

  • verb Picture to oneself; imagine possible
    I cannot envision him as President