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  • For every woman who makes herself male shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.
  • But the word did not enter general use until nearly the end of the same century.
  • It went even further by entering in its capital and being represented at the board.
  • The vast majority of children enter primary school though a significant number drop out.
  • Other scientists may start their own research and enter the process at any stage.
  • As thousands watched he entered the river never to be seen again.
  • In parliamentary systems a prime minister may enter into office by several means.
  • The early to mid-1990s saw additional commercial products enter the market.
  • This was the first time the Green Party had entered government in Ireland.
  • Of four sons, all four entered Parliament, and two saw military service.
  • The 20th century also saw more and more women entering paid work.
  • The belief was founded on the idea that the dead could only leave through the way they entered.
  • Such laws increase the price of products entering or leaving the island.
  • As soon as they entered, the workers were shot by the prisoners, who killed one.
  • Anyone is free to enter and leave the market at no cost.
  • Once they enter, they have three attempts to clear the height.
  • He also found difficulty re-entering the world of the stage due to his long departure.
  • They wanted to enter the political process from a position of military strength rather than weakness.
  • County roads entering urban areas generally are named once they cross the city boundary.
  • Each period ends with one of the four actors entering or leaving the stage.
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Meaning of enter

  • verb To come or go into
    the boat entered an area of shallow marshes
  • verb Become a participant; be involved in
    enter a race, enter an agreement, enter a drug treatment program, enter negotiations
  • verb Come on stage