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  • Many parents said they signed the contract, even if no real investigation ensues.
  • After finding out further information, an attack on the army camp ensues.
  • If a player's unit gets too close to an enemy unit, a battle ensues.
  • Combat only ensues when they come in contact with each other.
  • After the group serves each other and begins eating, a food fight ensues.
  • A space battle ensues, before the boys have to face the government agents.
  • What ensues is a comedy-drama about the different roles that people play in life.
  • After setting all of the charges, the group is found out and a battle ensues.
  • A long fight between them ensues under the train, with the officer gaining the upper hand.
  • A large battle between good and evil ensues, as the animals of the valley pick sides.
  • An argument ensues between the girls and eventually all three leave.
  • Jackson and company invite more friends over and a large house party ensues.
  • After several attempts on her life, an international chase across Europe ensues.
  • A brief fight ensues, but eventually Joseph allows them to take that for which they came.
  • When the wind blows from any direction but the south, average weather ensues.
  • A bloody battle ensues, and the Army forces eventually take over the base.
  • A big fight ensues with the demon as it runs off after the woman.
  • Another two-minute station break, following the same music bed/headlines format as the first, ensues.
  • A fight ensues, and the Doctor and Rose are captured and taken away in separate ships.
  • He must eventually use his discovery on someone close to him, and chaos ensues.
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Root form of ensues is ensue for the verb.