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  • He took her to a box and they ensconced themselves in it together. Cited from The Way of Ambition, by Robert Hichens
  • As he thus ensconced himself, the sound he had heard ceased suddenly. Cited from The Story of Ab, by Stanley Waterloo
  • Possession is nine points of the law, and another train is ensconced there. Cited from Lands of the Slave and the Free, by Henry A. Murray
  • You could hardly do that all, Once ensconced behind my wall. Cited from Poems, by John L. Stoddard
  • Yes -- he would ensconce himself behind the drawing-room door and watch. Cited from Snake and Sword, by Percival Christopher Wren
  • Ludwig, ensconced in the royal box, could not take his eyes off her. Cited from The Magnificent Montez, by Horace Wyndham
  • He led her to the smoking-room and ensconced her in the great chair by the fire. Cited from Huntingtower, John Buchan
  • He found his three men safely ensconced upon their island, where they were anxiously looking for his return. Cited from France and England in North America, by F. Parkman
  • With these words she ensconced herself again under her own coverlet. Cited from Hung Lou Meng, Book II, by Cao Xueqin
  • Regardless, she is crowned and ensconced in her new life against her will.
  • However, untangling an issue so ensconced in history and pain is neither simple nor easy.
  • Along this he walked till he reached a little meeting- house snugly ensconced among big trees at the foot of the mountain. Cited from The Desired Woman, by Will N. Harben
  • She shall not see me; I will ensconce me behind the arras. Cited from The Merry Wives of Windsor, by William Shakespeare
  • They ensconce themselves in these holes when under fire. Cited from Three Months in the Southern States, April-June 1863, A.J.L. Fremantle
  • Before dawn broke, the first-comers had been able to ensconce themselves under a bank until other boats came up. Cited from The Development of the European Nations, by John Holland Rose
  • Once ensconced, if they had chosen the right time of day, interesting events were sure to be forthcoming. Cited from Marm Lisa, by Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • So that it was really the form within which the spirit was ensconced that was perceived, and not the spirit itself. Cited from The Continental Monthly, Vol III, Issue VI, June, 1863, by Various
  • His numerous half-brothers ensconced on the large domains assigned to them by their late father and ignored his authority.
  • Originally planning to become a lawyer, his plans changed after becoming ensconced in the world of underground cinema.
  • I'll come back after you're ensconced, with the blinds drawn. Cited from The Passenger from Calais, by Arthur Griffiths
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  • verb Fix firmly
    He ensconced himself in the chair