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  • Accepted students may enroll at the beginning of any year of high school.
  • Students at any of the eight member schools may enroll in classes at any other school.
  • Students may enroll in day or evening classes and in part-time or full-time study.
  • Children enroll at primary school when they turn five years old.
  • Many girls enroll in one or three-term dance classes each year.
  • Home school students may enroll in public schools, but they are not required to do so.
  • The day that the child enrolls in class should begin his assigned work. Cited from The Teaching of History, by Ernest C. Hartwell
  • Students have enroll in two sports at the beginning of each winter.
  • The school enrolls both boys and girls from grade one up to grade seven.
  • Until receiving that writing job, he had planned to enroll in law school.
  • She later enrolls in the class in order to put pressure on him to do a better job.
  • All male resident students are no longer required to enroll in the military program.
  • He finally passes his English test and enrolls into the local college.
  • Most have the opportunity to enroll for a second term, and a few do.
  • Members of the public can enroll in a wide variety of training courses on information technology.
  • One could only enroll in this course after he has completed the Civil Engineering course.
  • Race can play a part in which students enroll in college.
  • If your cover school does not care what curriculum you use, you may enroll for it.
  • Although Smith had not finished high school, the university allowed her to enroll in classes.
  • Some states allow home school students to enroll in public schools, but do not require them to do so.
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Meaning of enroll

  • verb Register formally as a participant or member
    The party recruited many new members