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  • She did not know how to set out to work to enlighten him. Cited from Four Girls at Chautauqua, by Pansy [AKA: Isabella M. Alden]
  • The man before me will enlighten me about what I want to know. Cited from Facing the Flag, by Jules Verne
  • On this point he found an opportunity to enlighten me before taking his seat. Cited from Ruggles of Red Gap, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • So she looked about to see if there might be any one else who could enlighten her. Cited from The Garden of the Plynck, by Karle Wilson Baker
  • Experience had taught me to allow her to enlighten me in her own way. Cited from Up in Ardmuirland, by Michael Barrett
  • My first thought was that if any one could enlighten me it was this young man. Cited from Child of a Century, Alfred de Musset, v3
  • The public has to enlighten itself before it will get good health advice. Cited from Maintaining Health, by R. L. Alsaker
  • I think those who experienced and heard his heart are more enlightened people for it than before.
  • Who better than she would have been able to enlighten the world on this point of much importance? Cited from Isabel Lady Burton, V2, by W. H. Wilkins
  • It was the girl herself who had been the first to enlighten her. Cited from Kimono, by John Paris
  • I ought to have done my best to develop and enlighten her mind. Cited from The Lady From The Sea, by Henrik Ibsen
  • If she took him for his father's brother, would it be best to enlighten her? Cited from Tales of the Jazz Age, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • She was therefore told nothing further; indeed, what would have been the use of enlightening her? Cited from Famous Stories Every Child Should Know, ed. by Hamilton Wright Mabie
  • They are all people who are in trouble about something, and want a little enlightening. Cited from A Study In Scarlet, A. Conan Doyle
  • However the time has now arrived for me to enlighten you somewhat upon this point, at least. Cited from Ashton-Kirk, Investigator, by John T. McIntyre
  • Using this style, he enlightened the society on various difficult subjects and thoughts.
  • She would know his decision when King saw fit to enlighten her. Cited from The Everlasting Whisper, by Jackson Gregory
  • From those bare numbers we can gain no information which really enlightens us. Cited from Missionary Survey, by Roland Allen and Thomas Cochrane
  • After that, of course, she made no further effort to enlighten him. Cited from The She Boss, by Arthur Preston Hankins
  • He has shared all his experience in the form of his book which will enlighten the whole story.
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Meaning of enlighten

  • verb Make understand
    Can you enlighten me--I don't understand this proposal
  • verb Give spiritual insight to; in religion