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  • Info An enlarger is a specialized transparency projector used to produce photographic prints from film or glass negatives using the gelatin silver process, or from transparencies.
  • By the time he was in high school he had built his own photographic enlarger.
  • Paper is sometimes placed directly on the table or enlarger base, and held down flat with metal strips.
  • With a color head the light in the enlarger can be adjusted for color neutral results.
  • The Arnold D enlarger model features a faster standard lens than any of the others.
  • His father built him a giant enlarger capable of handling negatives with large dimensions.
  • Filters in the enlarger's light path are a common method of achieving this control.
  • The primary reason there were so many different negative formats in the early days was that prints were made by contact, without use of an enlarger.
  • As a guarantee of good faith we are giving samples of our famous Enlarger away to all well-known puddin'-owners. Cited from The Magic Pudding, Norman Lindsay
  • The image is then rendered by passing light through the negative and a built-in computer controlled enlarger optically projects this image to the paper for final exposure.
  • When he wanted a print that was larger than the original negative size, he used an enlarger to create a larger inter-positive, then contact printed it to a new negative.
  • In this work without the use of a negative she exposes the photographic colour paper to light using an enlarger in the darkroom.
  • It is also the most common mount for Photographic enlarger lenses.
  • He put the microcopy in an enlarger, and carried the enlarged print with him to the conveyer room. Cited from Time Crime, by H. Beam Piper
  • The negative may now be printed; the negative is placed in an enlarger and projected onto a sheet of photographic paper.
  • A horizontal enlarger structure is used when high quality, large format enlargements are required such as when photographs are taken from aircraft for mapping and taxation purposes.
  • Projector lenses share many of the design constraints as enlarger lenses but with some critical differences.
  • He started with one enlarger but after waiting for some prints to dry one day, he decided to use more enlargers to get more images quickly, then began using seven enlargers at one time.
  • These lenses are designed for work with a photographic enlarger.
  • The enlarger lens is then carefully focussed until the grain structure of the film can be seen in the plane of the graticle.
  • The Minox enlarger also holds the negative in this same curve.
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  • noun Photographic equipment consisting of an optical projector used to enlarge a photograph