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  • Their role in this phase will be to dimish the amount of shrubs and trees and enlargen the grassy areas.
  • Classes for the original school were held in former Air Force dormatories, with many of the rooms having walls knocked out in order to enlargen the rooms.
  • Ornament weakens with age except for the inner ventrolateral tubercles, which enlargen.
  • The adverts make outlandish promises and claims about spells that bring back lost lovers, potions to enlargen penises and spells that will make people rich or provide them with luck to win in gambling or the lottery, to name a few.
  • Egypt is a long contree; but it is streyt, that is to seye narow; for thei may not enlargen it toward the desert, for defaute of watre. Cited from Principal Navigations, V8, by Richard Hakluyt

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