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  • And further enlarge our complex ideas, by still leaving out properties contained in them. Cited from An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding, Volume II., by John Locke
  • What remains for us but to enlarge our view, and believe that He will do it there? Cited from Love's Final Victory, by Horatio
  • John coming after them opens it wide, thus enlarging our view and increasing our knowledge. Cited from A Life of St. John for the Young, by George Ludington Weed
  • New light may come, and cause us to re-arrange or enlarge our ideas. Cited from Love's Final Victory, by Horatio
  • Throughout all these experiences we have enlarged our freedom, we have strengthened our independence. Cited from U.S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses, by Various
  • During August we were able to do more work outside, thus enlarging our sphere of interest. Cited from The Home of the Blizzard, by Sir Douglas Mawson
  • For over three centuries the beauty of America has sustained our spirit and has enlarged our vision. Cited from Complete State of the Union Addresses
  • I now had hopes that we might enlarge our operations in handling government contracts. Cited from Reed Anthony, Cowman, by Andy Adams
  • They enlarge our experience and incite us to do our best. Cited from The True Citizen, by Warkwick, Smith & Smith
  • We cannot enlarge our conceptions, we only shift our point of view. Cited from English Prose, Ed. by Frederick William Roe and George Roy Elliott
  • By enlarging our conception of crime we move towards that end. Cited from A Book of Remarkable Criminals, by H. B. Irving
  • As we enlarge our knowledge of a subject by reading and by conversation, so we are likely to increase our interest in that subject. Cited from Composition-Rhetoric, by Stratton D. Brooks
  • Then we must enlarge our borders; for the original healthy State is no longer sufficient. Cited from The Republic by Plato, Tr. by Benjamin Jowett
  • They pretend they come to improve our state, enlarge our thoughts, and free us from error. Cited from Sanders' Union Fourth Reader,by Charles W. Sanders
  • We cannot think that our comrades have given their lives merely to enlarge our borders or to increase our wealth. Cited from Over the Top With the Third Australian Division, by G. P. Cuttriss
  • Thus we can enlarge our concept of a family of parallel levels so as to include levels in different moments of one time-system. Cited from The Concept of Nature, by Alfred North Whitehead
  • Let us enlarge our terminal facilities and bring the rail and the steamship close together. Cited from Model Speeches for Practise, by Grenville Kleiser
  • "Their lack of punctual respect does not enlarge our sympathy towards their cause." Cited from Kai Lung's Golden Hours, by Ernest Bramah
  • We are at present on a small scale, but we are making arrangements to enlarge our number and our branches of industry. Cited from Brook Farm, by John Thomas Codman
  • It is well, however, to enlarge our view as to the age of the earth by such efforts as have just been indicated. Cited from Outlines of the Earth's History, by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
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