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  • In the same year the Center also substantially enlarged its own in-house research group.
  • In the 19th century, it enlarged its mission to include students from South Africa.
  • It employed three people and enlarged its chartered rights to perform many services in the little community. Cited from David Lannarck, Midget, by George S. Harney
  • In the past years the library has succeeded in further enlarging its biographical collection.
  • During the war, the CAA also greatly enlarged its en route air traffic control system.
  • This included enlarging its Executive Council and creating new positions for students.
  • It had hoped to enlarge its area for schools and tax base.
  • BMW is enlarging its current plant in China and building a second one.
  • Gradually the paper expanded, enlarging its format and adding more and more pages.
  • Since the world money stock grows constantly, a country must constantly seek to enlarge its own stock.
  • Integration means a company enlarges its scale through taking over or merging with other companies.
  • The world has grown older in two thousand years, and has enlarged its stock of ideas and methods of reasoning. Cited from Charmides, by Plato, B. Jowett, Tr. #5
  • Our country has been provided with the resources with which it can enlarge its intellectual, moral, and spiritual life. Cited from State of the Union, Calvin Coolidge
  • In 1968, the school enlarged its mission and gained its current name.
  • Recently one of the other members of the Morgan bank proposed to enlarge its telephone equipment. Cited from The History of the Telephone, by Herbert N. Casson
  • By this device, the Roman republic could enlarge its territory without losing its character as a Latin city-state.
  • After a period of slow growth in its reconstruction, the library began to enlarge its size and importance in the country.
  • Understanding accordingly limits sensibility, without at the same time enlarging its own field. Cited from The Critique of Pure Reason, by Immanuel Kant
  • From this time, the new commune warred against nearby cities to enlarge its territory.
  • The university reorganized its administrative systems, enlarged its facilities, and formed a new board of trustees.
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