enhanced remakes

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  • They are virtually identical to their original versions, as opposed to enhanced remakes.
  • There are currently nine games in the SaGa series, along with several ports and enhanced remakes.
  • This does not include games that are scheduled for official English releases in the future, or enhanced remakes of games that had their original versions officially released in English years earlier.
  • While ArtePiazza was mostly responsible for the CG design and illustrations of some of the early titles, they produced enhanced remakes of others.
  • Various fanmade enhanced remakes of Maniac Mansion have appeared over the years.
  • Japanese enhanced remakes were released for the Saturn and Windows systems in 1998 and 1999, respectively.
  • The popularity of Phantasy Star in both the east and west prompted Sega to re-release the games of the original series, both within larger game compilations, and in standalone enhanced remakes.
  • Enhanced remakes were later released on the Super NES in 1993 and the Game Boy Advance in 2003.
  • Bandai unveiled their WonderSwan Color handheld system in and had immediately headed up a deal with Square to release enhanced remakes of their first three Final Fantasy titles on the new console.
  • Nevertheless, Boyd reprised the role for Telltale Games' Tales of Monkey Island and the later enhanced remakes of the first two games.
  • The game has received numerous enhanced remakes for the WonderSwan Color, the Sony PlayStation, the Game Boy Advance, the PlayStation Portable, and multiple mobile and smartphone types.
  • Since the release of the enhanced remakes of Lunar: Silver Star Story and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, rumors have come and gone concerning the development of a game known only as Lunar 3.
  • Gilbert stated that he would like to see an official remake resemble the gameplay and graphics from Tales of Monkey Island, but he balked, citing George Lucas' enhanced remakes of the original Star Wars trilogy as a reason to keep the flaws in the original game.
  • Ancient Ys Vanished saw many subsequent releases, such as English-language versions for the Master System, MS-DOS, IIGS, and TurboGrafx-16, and enhanced remakes for the Saturn and Windows systems.
  • The voice of Guybrush is actor Dominic Armato in the third, fourth and fifth games, as well as the enhanced remakes of The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.
  • Star Soldier itself has received enhanced remakes for both the GameCube and PlayStation 2 in 2003, and a different remake for the PlayStation Portable in 2005, while the latest installment of the series was released on the Wii as a WiiWare game in 2008.
  • In order to build up excitement and demand for the fifth entry, Namco Bandai would release Summon Night and Summon Night 2 as PlayStation Classics (playable on PSPs), and release Summon Night 3 and Summon Night 4 as enhanced remakes.