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  • It is now considered either that he only engraved seven himself, or none.
  • Also, in the front of the house are the words police station engraved in the stone.
  • Other less numerous groups of rock art, many engraved rather than painted, show similar characteristics.
  • Across the top of the title page are engraved several additional figures.
  • The die in use became damaged and replaced with a re-engraved die.
  • They are typically made of silver and may be engraved or set with stones.
  • Now, a long look into your eyes, to engrave them forever on my heart. Cited from The Rector of St. Mark's, by Mary J. Holmes
  • Two smaller five-pointed stars are engraved within the larger star.
  • They engraved their names, titles and even the place of their origin at the foot of their art work.
  • Here we stopped, and, like many others who had been there before us, attempted to engrave our names. Cited from The Life of Lord Byron, by John Galt
  • Every watch movement that the company produced was engraved with an individual serial number.
  • Now here we will lay down a principle, and you must engrave it on your memory in letters of fire. Cited from The Physiology of Marriage, Complete, by Honore de Balzac
  • He first learned to engrave maps when he spent seven years in the French Army.
  • Let us try to engrave it on his memory so that it may never fade away. Cited from Emile, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Cross received an engraved gold watch upon visiting his old village, and in later times a road there was named after him.
  • Every soldier laid to rest upon the battle-field engraves it still deeper upon the nation's heart. Cited from The Continental Monthly, Vol. I, May, 1862, Number V, by Various
  • They rarely met but their names were engraved on the wall of the school for having been the best students in their class.
  • Many of his subjects were engraved and published, generally in London.
  • As mentioned earlier in this article, some teams during this era did not engrave their names on the Cup.
  • After my experience to-day, I think I will engrave my name on my umbrella. Cited from Pebbles on the Shore, by Alpha of the Plough (Alfred George Gardiner)
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How engrave gets used

Meaning of engrave

  • verb Impress or affect deeply
    The event engraved itself into her memory
  • verb Carve or cut into a block used for printing or print from such a block
    engrave a letter
  • verb Carve or cut a design or letters into
    engrave the pen with the owner's name