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  • She went into the hall and in a very precise Englishy voice dismissed her admiring pupils. Cited from The Second Chance, by Nellie L. McClung
  • Dear old Chubs, you look so fresh, and pink-and-white and Englishy, that it does me good to see you. Cited from More About Peggy, by Mrs G. de Horne Vaizey
  • Her grandmother was never done reminding her of her "Englishy" ways, which, according to that authority, she had contracted during those early years she had spent in Cumberland. Cited from The Lilac Sunbonnet, by S.R. Crockett
  • Leeby had refused to be drawn into conversation, like one who knew her place, yet all her actions were genteel and her monosyllabic replies in the Englishy tongue, as of one who was, after all, a little above the common. Cited from A Window in Thrums, by J. M. Barrie
  • The people, too, had such Englishy faces and such queer little eccentricities of dress; the young lady that sang contralto in the choir wore a scarf like a man's on her hat. Cited from A Chance Acquaintance, by W. D. Howells
  • We travelled to Leyden from The Hague by the steam-tram, through cheerful domestic surroundings, past little Englishy cottages and gardens. Cited from A Wanderer in Holland, by E. V. Lucas
  • And she had forgotten to ask that girl, Ida Bellethorne (such an Englishy name!), how to find her rendezvous with the Littells' chauffeur. Cited from Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp, by Alice B. Emerson
  • It is not that it is a rather picturesque sort of Englishy custom to go out and pick flowers with a pretty basket tucked under one's arm, but it is very inconvenient, very hot work, and very mussy, to have to hold bunches of flowers in the hand as one gathers. Cited from Library of Work and Play: Gardening and Farming, by Ellen Eddy Shaw