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  • "Are you Englishmans?" shouted the old grisly giant. Cited from The Bible in Spain, by George Borrow
  • Those that are acquainted with the English, and speak the Tongue, know when Sunday comes; besides, the Indians have a distinct Name for Christmas which they call Winnick Keshuse, or the Englishmans Gods Moon. Cited from A New Voyage to Carolina, by John Lawson
  • Vot already I'm tinking aboudt, To pelieve in mine heart I can't yet, But de more dat I knows I find oudt Vy dose Englishmans frightened don't get. Cited from War Rhymes, by Abner Cosens
  • Ven I fights mit dose Englishmans yet, Dere vas tings vy I nefer can't see, Und, dis time I'm certain, you bet! Cited from War Rhymes, by Abner Cosens
  • Shoost cut oudt dat beeg strafe dat you make, Ven you can't mit dose Englishmans pull, Und you say it vas all a mistake, For you lufs your dear cousin, John Bull. Cited from War Rhymes, by Abner Cosens
  • If that same Daemon that hath gull'd thee thus, Should with his Lyon-gate walke the whole world, He might returne to vastie Tartar backe, And tell the Legions, I can neuer win A soule so easie as that Englishmans. Cited from Henry V, by William Shakespeare
Root form of englishmans is englishman for the noun.

Meaning of Englishmans

  • noun A man who is a native or inhabitant of england