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  • He thus became only the third ever Englishman to play in a grand final-winning team in Australia.
  • A few days later the Englishman "went out but he never returned."
  • This nature spot is named after an Englishman who discovered it during a hunting expedition.
  • I flew behind him, as suddenly another Englishman appeared behind me.
  • He has appeared on stage in Australia and England, usually as a middle class Englishman.
  • However, he is quickly found by another member of the X Group, the Englishman.
  • He had no equipment at all until he met another castaway, an Englishman.
  • She married an Englishman when she was eighteen and they moved into the villa.
  • His figures were the sixth best by an Englishman on Test debut.
  • He was the first Englishman to score a Test hundred on debut at Lord's.
  • As for the nation of England, it is an Englishman who is usually there.
  • This is because his soul is pure while the Englishman's business interests are his primary concern.
  • He changed its name to The Englishman and, as its editor, gave it a liberal focus.
  • She ran off with an Englishman, but later returned.
  • He'll fight and he'll die like an Englishman.
  • He is the only Englishman named a Doctor of the Church.
  • Show me the Englishman who doesn't love the rose.
  • Book two shows that an ideal philosopher kingdom is no home for a contemporary Englishman.
  • She served him and his family for many years before he sold her to an Englishman for $100.
  • At the time this was the best bowling performance by an Englishman in a one-day international match ever.
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Meaning of Englishman

  • noun A man who is a native or inhabitant of england