English anime dub

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  • It marked the first time a Japanese voice actor repeated their role in English for an English anime dub.
  • Although, as a host, he is considered the wild type (changed to the strong, silent type in the English anime dub), he normally does not try to woo girls.
  • He is named Suzuka in the English anime dub.
  • He has killed 99 masters (Psychics in the English anime dub) and copied their techniques.
  • The, referred to as Kais in the English anime dub, are upper-level gods of the Dragon Ball universe.
  • The, named Supreme Kais in the English anime dub, are the highest-level gods in the Dragon Ball universe.
  • In the English anime dub, he is known as Ura Urashima.
  • He initially disguises himself as an elderly man known as Old Bloke (Onji in the English anime dub).
  • One of the reasons was possibly because 4kids Entertainment, the English anime dub version producers, did not want to license the Shaman King games from more than one company.
  • In the original Japanese, and English anime dub, they are named - A demon who can morph his finger into a sickle and uses crude tactics against his opponents.
  • He wields a large (Phosphorus Ring Sword in the English anime dub) that looks like a large hula hoop.
  • He states that anyone who calls him by name must call him Beautiful Suzuki (Beautiful Suzuka in the English anime dub) and he plans to die long before old age can rob him of his looks.
  • However, he uses the (known as the "Forlorn Hope" in the English anime dub), a mirror capable of granting the user's desire at the cost of the user's life, to cure his mother of a deadly illness.
  • Yusuke saves Kurama's life with both of them giving half of their lifeforce, therefore they both survive (in the English anime dub, it cancels the sacrifice due to Yusuke's kindness).
  • Younger Toguro kicks him out of the arena, saying that the fight is between Yusuke and him alone (in the English anime dub, it is due to Younger Toguro's anger towards his brother for the grotesque mockery he did towards Genkai during his match against Kuwabara).
  • The, named King Kai in the English anime dub, trains Goku after his self-sacrifice to defeat Raditz, and eventually trains Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu and Piccolo.