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  • Info An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert energy into useful mechanical motion. more...
  • His team brought at least one of the five engines to the surface.
  • This engine was used not only in production cars but also in their race cars.
  • The cars will look different from the outside and will also receive different engines.
  • Pieces of it damaged the number-three engine and hit the number-two engine.
  • It was the first British car with a straight-eight engine.
  • With this data, a more clear understanding of the engine's influence is provided.
  • When using a game world to create a story, the author is influenced by the engine.
  • Several local men were inspired by this, and designed their own engines.
  • It is currently the largest straight-six engine produced for a light duty truck.
  • A band had been crossing just at the moment of the engine's passage. Cited from The Octopus, by Frank Norris [A California Story]2
  • The four-cylinder engine was also increased to for that year as well.
  • The full speed was twenty-four miles an hour, and remember this was not a high-pressure engine. Cited from First Impressions of the New World, by Isabella Strange Trotter
  • But this came too late to save the engine's reputation.
  • In addition to the engine's failure, several related systems failed.
  • "Engine's running at full speed to keep us head to wind." Cited from King o' the Beach, by George Manville Fenn
  • Following upon that, the seventy-horse-power engine went out of commission. Cited from The Cruise of the Snark, Jack London
  • So he continued to use straight-six engine.
  • At the same time, the third car moves to the engine assembly.
  • These limits are especially evident when an engine is used to perform work.
  • This did not mean the engines were being run over a safe limit.
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Meaning of engine

  • noun Motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work
  • noun Something used to achieve a purpose
    an engine of change
  • noun An instrument or machine that is used in warfare, such as a battering ram, catapult, artillery piece, etc.
    medieval engines of war