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  • He enforces his own view of the world on all those around him.
  • They are the president's laws, and the president alone can enforce them.
  • She enforces military-like activities like a march and war games.
  • He largely left public life after his enforced departure from football.
  • These laws are enforced more often than before, however they are still mostly ignored.
  • However, this official policy was not often enforced in practice and many religious continued to practice medicine.
  • The election laws remained in effect, but the funds to enforce them were cut off.
  • It is filled with rules of property and contract that get enforced by the state.
  • She travelled widely across the kingdom, enforcing his authority and trying to head off war.
  • In some countries, house arrest is often enforced through the use of technology products or services.
  • The AL among other things enforced a strict conduct policy among its players.
  • Some have been so effective, population control has been enforced.
  • The indigenous people were too large to police and the law too difficult to enforce.
  • He further stated that he would not permit federal officers to come to his county to enforce such laws.
  • Hard power can be treated as a potential and is not often enforced on the international stage.
  • It set and enforced the moral standards required to be followed in society.
  • When he heard that the new state of California did not enforce the act, he decided to go there.
  • The council served and enforced legal orders on house-owners to repair their property.
  • Certain international trade laws, such as those on intellectual property, are also enforced in India.
  • After his death, his son, Peter, did take action to enforce the patent.
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Meaning of enforce

  • verb Ensure observance of laws and rules;
    Apply the rules to everyone
  • verb Compel to behave in a certain way
    Social relations impose courtesy