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  • It is also known as endogenous attention or executive attention.
  • This means that with this strong assumption the model can lead to endogenous growth.
  • Endogenous models are sometimes more natural for a given application.
  • It is often only when these endogenous compounds become highly concentrated that they lead to dangerous effects.
  • Certain it is that if Federation is to be brought about, the movement must be endogenous. Cited from Town Life in Australia, 1883, by R. E. N. (Richard) Twopeny
  • But then, local populations can also bring about endogenous initiatives for development.
  • The endogenous growth theory primarily holds that the long run growth rate of an economy depends on policy measures.
  • It also represents an attempt to achieve regional independence and endogenous development.
  • Contrary to several other energy sector models, international energy prices are endogenous.
  • They can and do, and that change can be endogenous and exogenous to the society.
  • The skills of the population enter into both neoclassical and endogenous growth models.
  • His endogenous development is a practice that lets native farmers use their own ideas and traditions alongside new technology.
  • Therefore, it is possible to construct endogenous growth models with perfect competition.
  • That is, there are no endogenous forces leading to the price or the quantity.
  • It is the opposite of endogenous, something generated from within the system.
  • Endogenous growth theory holds that economic growth is primarily the result of endogenous and not external forces.
  • These endogenous ligands are usually produced as a result of non-physiological cell death.
  • He has also provided foundational work in many other areas of economics, including endogenous growth theory and the economics of information.
  • This could result in different expression patterns or could affect the function of other endogenous genes within the host.
  • However, it has been suggested that endogenous (internal) production of galactose may be the cause.
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Meaning of endogenous

  • adjective Of or resembling an endogen
  • adjective Derived or originating internally