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  • Neither can account for this, as they have never encountered each other before.
  • Moving forward, the two encounter a wall that they cannot find a way over.
  • From room to room and house to house a hand-to-hand encounter was kept up. Cited from Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17, by Charles Francis Horne
  • They very probably would have encountered some resistance on their way there.
  • Then once more he joined in the hand-to-hand encounter. Cited from Battle Of The Strong, by G. Parker, v1
  • However, his work encountered too much opposition for that to be possible.
  • A few days later his soldiers took the island without encountering armed resistance.
  • Years after this event, creatures encountered in the first game are again released.
  • He details many of the problems a third party encounters in a two-party system.
  • You are right well encounter'd, sir; how does your fair dog? Cited from Every Man Out Of His Humour, by Ben Jonson
  • Many stories are told of his hand-to-hand encounters with these big bears. Cited from American Big Game in Its Haunts, by Various
  • Before encountering his intended victims, he called on his wife in her room.
  • Many of these English-language group names originally referred to particular species encountered in Britain.
  • Even so these early combat encounters provided both sides with experience.
  • Living in cities, workers encountered material goods such as they had never seen while in the village.
  • They do really permit something like an actual result to hand-to-hand encounters. Cited from Little Wars, by (H)erbert (G)eorge Wells
  • For many outside of New York, it was their first encounter with their art form.
  • A major problem this design would face would be the radiation encountered en route.
  • The encounter that afternoon at the recording studio had not gone well.
  • After this accidental encounter, they never saw or spoke to each other again.
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Meaning of encounter

  • noun A casual meeting with a person or thing