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  • Info Encompass, the Enterprise Computing Association, was the original computer user group for business customers of Hewlett-Packard. more...
  • They thus only make sense as part of an encompassing network or system.
  • The project encompassed five years of research and two years of writing and recording the music.
  • This era encompassed a time of great social, political, and even economic change.
  • In addition, the Way encompasses all events within itself within its length.
  • The second fort encompassed the first, and while much larger, was similar in design.
  • The town encompasses five distinct villages, each of which has its own post office.
  • Although sometimes it is difficult to access, it encompasses everything learned until this point in time.
  • This park encompasses more than, making it the largest desert state park in the nation.
  • Like many other southern cities, there are many smaller towns encompassed by the municipality.
  • Social systems are systems of communication, and society is the most encompassing social system.
  • The town has gradually extended up the river valley, encompassing several villages in doing so.
  • His many records released during his long career encompass a variety of genres.
  • They may be few metres across or be large enough to encompass whole cities.
  • Space law also encompasses national laws, and many countries have passed national space legislation in recent years.
  • Fall is usually short lived, only encompassing mid-October until the end of November.
  • Each line on the court is part of the area it encompasses.
  • The department services the city's as well as encompassing an area of outside the city.
  • The system encompasses six years of primary education beginning at age seven, followed by six years of secondary education.
  • This category encompasses those who primarily work behind the scenes in the music industry.
  • The party decided to take over the bill and expanded it to encompass the entire province.
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