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  • Info In English social and economic history, enclosure or inclosure is the process which ends traditional rights such as mowing meadows for hay, or grazing livestock on common land formerly held in the open field system. more...
  • A number of other smaller buildings are also located within the enclosure.
  • The buildings of the castle were laid out around two main enclosures on the shore.
  • These completed units are hung on the building structure to form the building enclosure.
  • Following the era of enclosure, there was little relatively little common land remaining of value.
  • Evidence was also discovered for several enclosures or buildings inside the fort.
  • Some extremely old trees can also be seen inside this enclosure.
  • Inside the enclosure evidence has been found of the wooden buildings which made up most of the town.
  • The chapel stood within a contemporary enclosure wall, part of which is still standing.
  • A round tower from this enclosure still stands next to the church.
  • It was a box-like structure with two separate doors opening into and out of the enclosure.
  • Only the extreme southern side of the city has open land free from the river's enclosures.
  • The history of enclosure in England is different from region to region.
  • Most of the medieval common land of England was lost due to enclosure.
  • He arranged the main buildings to form a large, square enclosure.
  • She is best known for an incident in which she saved a three year old boy who fell into her enclosure.
  • It has also increased the number of open air enclosures.
  • Some evidence of buildings and divisions were seen in both western enclosures.
  • It was a wooden enclosure surrounded by walls within which wild animals were placed in large numbers.
  • As this is close to both the highest point in the enclosure and the water source, they are often nearby.
  • Ten more trees of the same species are also seen within precincts of the enclosure.
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Meaning of enclosure

  • noun A structure consisting of an area that has been enclosed for some purpose
  • noun The act of enclosing something inside something else
  • noun A naturally enclosed space
  • noun Something (usually a supporting document) that is enclosed in an envelope with a covering letter