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  • There is a kind of a shell or skin grows over the Rattan, and encloseth it round. Cited from Historical Relation Of The Island Ceylon In The East Indies, Robert Knox
  • Look, how this ring encompasseth thy finger, Even so thy breast encloseth my poor heart; Wear both of them, for both of them are thine. Cited from King Richard III, by William Shakespeare
  • "The pleasant Lee, that like an island fayre Encloseth Cork in his divided flood." Cited from The Sunny Side of Ireland, by John O'Mahony and R. Lloyd Praeger
  • Plenty bedews the desert places, A hedge of mirth the hills encloseth. Cited from Proserpina, Volume 1, by John Ruskin
  • Plenty bedews the desert places; A hedge of mirth the hills encloseth; The fields with flocks have hid their faces; A robe of corn the valleys clotheth. Cited from England's Antiphon, by George MacDonald