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  • I am an acme of things accomplish'd, and I an encloser of things to be.
  • An author's first or second play is important mainly -- to use Whitman's phrase -- as "an encloser of things to be." Cited from The Theory of the Theatre, by Clayton Hamilton
  • His coming had broken in on the slumber of circumstance, widening the present till it became the encloser of remotest chances. Cited from The Greater Inclination, Edith Wharton
  • He was a sheep farmer and an encloser.
  • Legal documents prove him to have been a lender of small sums, an avid creditor, a would-be encloser of commons. Cited from Shakespeare, Bacon and the Great Unknown,Lang
  • This wild area posed far fewer challenges for the encloser than the more densely populated and intensively cultivated areas of Penkridge parish.
  • The monuments are all to the Fillinghams from William the encloser, who died in 1795 to George Augustus, died 1974.
  • Before the encloser of fields, a loan or strip of grass was left that ran through the arable part of a farm or farms, linking it with the common grazing ground of a clachan, serving both as a pasture and a driving road.
  • The Shakspere of later life, the well-to-do Shakspere, the purchaser of the right to bear arms; so bad at paying one debt at least; so eager a creditor; a would-be encloser of a common; a man totally bookless, is, to Mr. Greenwood's mind, an impossible author of the later plays. Cited from Shakespeare, Bacon and the Great Unknown,Lang

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