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  • He encloses the photographs of his dead wife, his living children, and himself. Cited from McClure's Magazine, Vol. VI., No. 6, May, 1896, by Various
  • I received his answer two days ago, a copy of which I now enclose. Cited from The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 2 (of 4), ed. by T. J. Randolph
  • With a main laboratory building nearly long, it contains of enclosed space, used primarily for research.
  • Some of the walls were probably enclosing towns for the first time.
  • The letter had to be enclosed within a large sheet of green paper.
  • I also enclose a photograph of myself that was taken soon after your treatment. Cited from People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English, by R.V. Pierce
  • The enclosed playing area is called a box, in contrast to the open playing field of the traditional game.
  • It is completely enclosed and much smaller than the first one; it may be closed on high-traffic days.
  • It can also be used when two sides and one of the non-enclosed angles are known.
  • These three buildings were laid out so as to enclose a public square leading off the main shopping street.
  • Together they form a plan with a figure-eight shape, enclosing a pair of light courts.
  • The cover, Sir, will let you know what is to be done with what it encloses. Cited from Clarissa, Vol. 8 (of 9), by Samuel Richardson
  • The player then scores an additional point for each empty space they enclose.
  • There he lived strictly enclosed in an old abandoned Roman fort for some twenty years.
  • I have the honor now, to return you the letter you had been so good as to enclose to me. Cited from The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 6, ed. by Lipscomb and Bergh
  • To be mentioned also that has powers to fight evil or enclose although rarely were shown.
  • At the end of the third time the arms would enclose the vision of the future husband or wife. Cited from The Book of Hallowe'en, by Ruth Edna Kelley
  • A gallery with an upper floor was built against the western enclosing wall and the tower.
  • I did not enclose a note in my last letter, as I have only French money. Cited from Letters from France, by Isaac Alexander Mack
  • No matter if your city walls enclose a larger place, it is yet a cage. Cited from Pixy's Holiday Journey, by George Lang
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Meaning of enclose

  • verb Close in; darkness enclosed him"
  • verb Surround completely
    Darkness enclosed him, They closed in the porch with a fence