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  • It was said that he returned home once to find his house empty.
  • It was left empty in the hope that he may one day return.
  • The buildings that once employed many hard-working people now mostly sit empty.
  • A player who cannot move because the choice is from the empty set has lost.
  • Either or both of the left and right set of a form may be the empty set.
  • Although located in the center of the city, the area destroyed remained empty for many years.
  • Until it was completed county offices were held in various empty buildings.
  • Another drop will form - and so on - until the cup is empty.
  • I had called, and had been shown into the empty drawing-room. Cited from Second Thoughts of An Idle Fellow, by Jerome
  • An empty list is a list that contains no data records.
  • The campus has sat empty since that time and all but two of the buildings are gone.
  • The empty set and X itself are always both closed and open.
  • Both men continued to fire at one another until their weapons were emptied.
  • Instead, the game will sometimes turn an empty residential lot into one.
  • Let X be a set whose members are all non-empty.
  • He forces himself to fire the gun with his eyes open until he empties it.
  • Ultimately, the results of these operations say more about the operation in question than about the empty set.
  • If they had been built, the one lake would have immediately emptied itself into the other.
  • Once the empty seat reaches the edge, the new person can sit down.
  • You see the glass half empty or half full.
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Meaning of empty

  • noun A container that has been emptied
    return all empties to the store
  • verb Make void or empty of contents
    Empty the box, The alarm emptied the building
  • verb Become empty or void of its content
    The room emptied
  • verb Remove
    Empty the water
  • adjective Holding or containing nothing
    an empty glass, an empty room, full of empty seats, empty hours