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  • A woman will feel more empowered since she could make a decision about her body and her life.
  • Empower Up has recently received attention from many local and state news sources.
  • And that is what was so empowering about this particular experience for me.
  • It is then the goal of a rights-based approach to empower those people.
  • Third is in empowering children to take action in support of the rights of others.
  • This empowers women to have more of position in their community outside of their homes.
  • Students of any year higher than another were empowered to issue such commands.
  • The women have made it clear that they seek to empower other women with this project.
  • It has now grown into a method by which to empowering Indian women.
  • The bill also empowered the governor to remove any appointed state official.
  • The program empowers the nation's leading artists to create new works of art for federal buildings.
  • So, we thought of empowering the common people's voice through our initiative.
  • The program is provide strong black leaders to empower black youth in America for a better future.
  • Its mission is to empower youth from conflict regions to work for a better future.
  • One does this by empowering those within and giving them the tools to become more effective.
  • Students were engaged, at a highly empowered level, in community decision making.
  • However, they are not empowered to control the day-to-day operations of the corporation.
  • This foundation is a non-profit organization designed to empower young people towards positive environmental action.
  • For communities are made up of individuals and empowered people naturally lead their communities towards progress.
  • At the core he always placed democratic control, the empowering of the people.
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Meaning of empower

  • verb Give or delegate power or authority to
    She authorized her assistant to sign the papers