empirically verified

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  • We can only argue about something that can be analytically or empirically verified.
  • Thought identification refers to the empirically verified use of technology to, in some sense, read people's minds.
  • She also engages in collaborative international research using her empirically verified "Four-Phase Model".
  • However, these predictions have not yet been empirically verified.
  • He dismisses metaphysical arguments, calling them nonsense, and saying that they cannot be empirically verified.
  • The model is not static as the Gravity model, and has clear implications which can be empirically verified.
  • According to the principle of verifiability, propositions about 'matters of fact' can be meaningful only if they are capable of being empirically verified.
  • Because claims about God cannot be empirically verified, the logical positivists argued that religious propositions are meaningless.
  • If the meaning of propositions is defined by verifiability, then philosophy cannot provide speculative truths about metaphysical statements that cannot be empirically verified.
  • Although the mathematical support for the method is given in terms of asymptotic results, the algorithm has been empirically verified to work well in a variety of data sets with reasonable dimensionality.
  • It is an entertainment programme focusing on the illustration of scientific facts, while raising the question (only sometimes answered in the affirmative) of whether a certain claim can be empirically verified.
  • The statements "statements are meaningless unless they can be empirically verified" and "statements are meaningless unless they can be empirically falsified" have both been called self-refuting on the basis that they can neither be empirically verified nor falsified.