empirically that

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  • The Egyptians knew empirically that a given power of two would only appear once in a number.
  • It has not been possible to show empirically that an increased stratification of society in fact took place at all in this period.
  • It has also been shown empirically that simple rhythms are often performed differently from how they are notated.
  • To say that I know empirically that my will lifted my arm would be a subreption in Wolff's sense.
  • It is intended to resolve the puzzle: How is it possible to discover empirically that a necessary truth is true?
  • It has been determined empirically that the best results are obtained in artificial digestion when a liquid containing two per thousand of hydrochloric acid gas by weight is used. Cited from Insectivorous Plants, by Charles Darwin
  • Different studies have already shown empirically that the Single linkage clustering algorithm produces poor results when employed to gene expression microarray data and thus should be avoided.
  • It has been proven empirically that the factors listed above are the most robust and distinct factors in assessing OCB.
  • It is intended to resolve a puzzle that has plagued philosophy for some time, namely: How is it possible to discover empirically that a necessary truth is true?
  • It is found empirically that, for most layered rock formations the Thomsen parameters are usually much less than 1.
  • What I now want to argue is that we do sometimes know empirically that a person can do at a certain time what he is not then doing, and, consequently, that he could have done at that time what he did not then do.
  • Showing empirically that growing up fatherlessness often has dire social consequences for children, he has challenged the social desirability of social policies which sustain and even reward single-parent family arrangements.
  • But it was discovered empirically that by adding their harmonics artificially the organs could be brightened up and even made to overpower large bodies of singers. Cited from The Recent Revolution in Organ Building, by George Laing Miller
  • One of his most important contributions to economic theory was to demonstrate empirically that, for many industries, the costs at the high-scale end of the long-run cost curve is essentially constant or even declining.
  • In addition, Byron Sharp in his book 'How Brands Grow' showed empirically that behaviour affects attitudinal response not the other way round.
  • Finally, Gunther & Thorson, in a study that paved the way for extension of the third-person effect hypothesis, demonstrated empirically that the social desirability of the message tended to affect whether participants were likely to exhibit third- or first- person effects.
  • Melissa G. Trainer (April 22, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an astrobiologist who in 2004 demonstrated empirically that life could have formed on Earth through the interaction of methane, carbon dioxide and ultraviolet light (sunlight).