empirically proven

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  • It proposes that most religious language is unfalsifiable because there is no way that it could be empirically proven false.
  • Psychological research in the theory of LMX has empirically proven its usefulness in understanding group processes.
  • It should be noted that this relationship has not been empirically proven and most adverse reactions are only mild to moderate in severity.
  • Deficits in social skills and positive social interactions have been empirically proven to be main contributors to the maintenance of depression.
  • Through this designation, CCFH bridges the gap between community-based practice and research on empirically proven interventions for childhood trauma.
  • While the specific causes of sundowning have not been empirically proven, some evidence suggests that circadian rhythm disruption enhances sundowning behaviors.
  • A large constricting snake may constrict or swallow an infant or a small child, a threat that is legitimate and empirically proven.
  • Currently no empirically proven mechanism for the prevention of alcohol induced hangover, or for making oneself sober is recommended, except moderating the amount of alcohol consumed or abstinence.
  • They argue this "convergence hypothesis" is not empirically proven, but it has been recognized as "empirical bedrock" of FCC's regulation on media concentration.
  • Nihilism, the logical conclusion of a position that acknowledges the historically and empirically proven relativity of values, does not encourage destruction, because nihilism would be proclaimed a new normative value, which is obviously illogical.