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  • His mother, to whom he was emotionally close, died when he was eleven.
  • At the conclusion your audience should feel emotionally different from when they first arrived.
  • He wanted his son to understand the meaning of pain, so he shut him out emotionally.
  • Her own mother, a highly driven sports agent, is shown as emotionally cold toward her daughter.
  • Emotionally for Francis, it has been almost two years since he was home.
  • He always took care of her, and her death left him emotionally wrecked.
  • She later regarded the months after her father's death as the most emotionally difficult time of her life.
  • Her husband and she depended emotionally on each other during this difficult period.
  • This is only to be expected when a practice is so emotionally charged.
  • In an emotionally charged scene, he asked for her to take him back, and she does so.
  • A divorce from his first wife affected him emotionally and eventually he lost his job.
  • This death hit him and the family very hard emotionally.
  • He revealed that the song was written in the "most emotionally trying time" in his life.
  • But not only were they emotionally bound to each other they expressed their love physically.
  • He thinks of himself as highly emotionally intelligent but has no idea how he is coming across.
  • And I'm sure I was out of my head - emotionally apart from anything else.
  • Before he does this, however, he becomes emotionally touched by them.
  • According to some sources, the experience crushed him emotionally and ended his career as an artist.
  • I think it had a very damaging effect on her emotionally for a long time.
  • She claimed that men listened to music in an intellectual way while women were more emotionally attached.
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Synonyms of emotionally

Meaning of emotionally

  • adverb In an emotional manner
    at the funeral he spoke emotionally
  • adverb With regard to emotions
    emotionally secure