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  • Emotional control is a very important part of military training and is incorporated into operations.
  • Emotional well-being is a term that has seen increasing use in recent decades.
  • At the same time, a greater emotional range began to be expressed in his art.
  • The two had not seen each other in forty years, and the meeting was emotional.
  • His political status does not change, but his love and emotional life are slowly damaged.
  • They discussed about the various social problems that affected their physical and emotional well-being.
  • We may for example be only expressing our emotional feelings about these things.
  • Emotional Intelligence has also received criticism on its role in leadership and business success.
  • It uses touch to maintain or improve both physical and emotional well-being.
  • During shooting she fell sick many times due to the intense emotional effort required.
  • He described the complex relationship between the two characters as "the emotional heart of the story".
  • They become emotional when talking about the farm they own, and realize how much they love each other.
  • He was also a very emotional man and would break into tears during meetings when he heard of bad news.
  • After her visit, she spoke at a press conference, where she became visibly emotional.
  • The pressure to win can cause significant emotional stress for a child.
  • An emotional Charles performed the song on the floor of the state legislature.
  • This represented one of the political and emotional peaks of the modern civil rights movement.
  • Urban agriculture can have a large impact on the social and emotional well-being of individuals.
  • Sexual expression depends in large part upon the emotional and physical health of the individual.
  • It is most often concerned with personal and emotional development rather than with the larger social sphere.
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Meaning of emotional

  • adjective Determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason
    it was an emotional judgment
  • adjective Of more than usual emotion
    his behavior was highly emotional
  • adjective Of or pertaining to emotion
    emotional health, an emotional crisis