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  • He was one of the senior most police officers in the newly emergent country.
  • Such objects need some emergent property of a whole state-of-affairs in order to be good.
  • The emergent leaves are typically two or more times longer than the flowers and fruits.
  • The number of parts does not have to be very large for a particular system to have emergent properties.
  • Players are able to create their own goals within the game world in the style of emergent gameplay.
  • His development programs brought some prosperity for an emergent middle class.
  • For example, in response to a natural disaster, an emergent response group may form.
  • The company hoped to protect its market share with smaller companies and emergent middle-range manufacturers.
  • Often seen flying across valleys or calling from the top of emergent trees.
  • He has developed an interpretation of the human as an emergent being within the universe and earth.
  • Service systems are designed and constructed, are often very large, and, as complex systems, they have emergent properties.
  • This often leads to a great many instances of emergent game play.
  • Emergent structures appear at many different levels of organization or as spontaneous order.
  • Later, computers became more widely used and technology allowed emergent AI to come about.
  • Emergent properties give an evolutionary advantage to members of the school which non members do not receive.
  • The species is highly dependent on closed-canopy primary forest containing large emergent trees.
  • The simple systems thus formed can then display emergent behaviour to produce more complex systems and thus other weather phenomena.
  • Stallings developed an interest in the emergent Chicago house music scene at a young age.
  • Westwinds was also at one time considered by some to be an emergent church.
  • In other words there is often a form of top-down feedback in systems with emergent properties.
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