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  • During each performance he would change his gold-embroidered clothes three or four times throughout the evening.
  • Any part of the dress could also be embroidered in silver or gold.
  • And in the morning their tracks would embroider the snow with many stories. Cited from The Blazed Trail, by Stewart Edward White
  • Do you want to read to us while we embroider? Cited from A Village Ophelia and Other Stories, by Anne Reeve Aldrich
  • If you examine it closely you can tell that my model was embroidered.
  • They embroider many of their own clothes but do not sell them.
  • Their pants are usually simple black or white with traditional embroidering near their feet.
  • Then when we have got all the names we can we will embroider them on the squares. Cited from The Golden Road, by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • She did not like to embroider, but she did like to be praised. Cited from What Diantha Did, Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • "Well, if all these trees grow they will embroider the old place, won't they?" Cited from Taken Alive, by E. P. Roe
  • Here she learned quickly to read, write, and do a little embroidering, and gained much knowledge of human nature. Cited from Pirate Gold, by Frederic Jesup Stimson
  • He began to embroider the subject and work upon it. Cited from The History of Mr. Polly, by H. G. Wells
  • It is usually embroidered or has a thick border at the bottom.
  • Could she, or could she not, leave death and detection out, and embroider as well on green?
  • Embroidered on the left shoulder of each cape was a large star of the Order.
  • Before she left I asked her to embroider a purse for me. Cited from Child of a Century, Alfred de Musset, v1
  • You will embroider life with sunshine if there is any sunshine at all. Cited from The Earth Trembled, by E.P. Roe
  • A lot of women and young girls make their living by selling different types of embroidered cloths.
  • I decided to embroider a pair of slippers for each of my three brothers. Cited from Elsie's Kith and Kin, by Martha Finley (aka Martha Farquharson)
  • They were embroidered by the women for their own use and use of other family members and were not for sale in the market.
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How embroider gets used

Meaning of embroider

  • verb Decorate with needlework
  • verb Add details to