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  • Info "Elusive" was the first single for British singer-songwriter Scott Matthews and was released on 18 September 2006.
  • But as always, things are more complex than they seem, and peace is elusive.
  • However, the team still proved unable to score the elusive first win.
  • The team's fourth star was not nearly as elusive as the third.
  • Success in her native US proved elusive however as the single was just a minor hit.
  • It is elusive and probably quite rare, and as a result has been little studied.
  • He has since made trips around the world in search of elusive fish species.
  • Since his retirement he has been elusive and has had little involvement in the game.
  • But though the kings were no longer at war, peace proved elusive.
  • If you try to observe them directly however, they are completely elusive.
  • However, building feature recognition systems that function effectively on real industrial products has been elusive.
  • Photographs of her during her brief recording career, if they exist, are elusive.
  • Overall, the meetings were well attended but support for the island moving towards independence remained elusive.
  • He also continued to record with different labels, but a hit remained elusive.
  • However, success proved elusive and he slipped back into retirement shortly after.
  • When asked to recall his early works and his influences, he remains elusive.
  • Despite good notices, it soon ended its run and has remained elusive.
  • He has also been called one of the world's most elusive tax exiles.
  • There is little known on the population of this species, as the species is both rare and elusive.
  • However, the source material remained difficult and elusive to adapt into a feature film.
  • Once more, he returned without success against the high-flying and ever elusive Gothas.
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