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  • The elongated island has an area of, The island is long and wide.
  • This elongated settlement character was already well established in the 19th century.
  • What remains in view is a long thin object with white and black bands running across the elongated body.
  • The head was probably relatively large and wide but still elongated.
  • Hills in the area are elongated in the north-south direction.
  • Instead, the raised pitch and elongated style of child directed speech allow for more effective communication.
  • The windows from bottom to top are elongated and become shorter towards the top floor.
  • These are initially elongated, but quickly develop into a more rounded form.
  • Their fingers are also elongated, with the third finger being about the same length as the upper arm.
  • The present self-contained town centre was built over an elongated valley formerly occupied by squatters.
  • It can reach a length of, including the two elongated central tail feathers.
  • Their bodies tend to be elongated, the neck more so, with rather long legs.
  • The total length will be, running about on either side of Atlanta's elongated central business district.
  • The main finding so far have been an elongated building, consisting of five consecutive parallel rooms.
  • It has an area of, and is elongated northwest-southeast, in length and wide.
  • The image has a small nose and mouth (mouth closed) and elongated ears.
  • Some models built in 2005 and all later models received one more design change, an elongated magazine release.
  • This is an elongated crater feature that is longer in the north-south direction.
  • The leaves of all species are round in cross section and highly elongated, tapering at the end.
  • Their bodies tends to be elongated, the neck more so, with rather long legs.
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Root form of elongated is elongate for the verb.

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  • verb Make long or longer by pulling and stretching
    stretch the fabric