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  • She has appeared on the cover of Elle a total of seven times.
  • Two weeks later she appeared on her first cover for German Elle magazine.
  • Elle was voted their second best with only thirty-four percent of the vote.
  • In Paris, she made her first major cover appearance, for Elle magazine.
  • Both Elle and the photographer like that she tried hard to get into character.
  • However, Elle is left feeling guilty about what she has done.
  • Bell had said that she "would love to see him and Elle face off one day".
  • He attempts to take Elle's power by cutting her head open.
  • She is the former editor-in-chief of the magazine Elle.
  • Elle works out what is going on and makes Donna see that she has to own up.
  • Major said that they are completely different and cannot figure Elle out at first, however is attracted to her.
  • Although the movie was about the girl, Elle, he played a crucial part.
  • He cannot sack Elle, so he tells her that she is going on sick leave.
  • Book's work has also been featured in Elle Magazine.
  • Elle is also the world's best selling fashion magazine.
  • The British edition of Elle Girl magazine closed for business shortly before the American version did.
  • He finally admits to Elle that he is having trouble reading and they begin a relationship.
  • Richard meets with Elle, who lies about why she is there.
  • He tells Elle that she would make a good journalist.
  • A year later, she became the first black woman to appear on the cover of the French edition of Elle.
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