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  • He would elevate his play during the post-season of the same year.
  • Let this be recognized by all people of both elevated and ordinary station.
  • The road is also elevated causing anything moving on the road to stand out.
  • He was also employed to elevate their music program to the next level.
  • Learning still had an elevated place in the lives of these religious.
  • She is standing on the left with her left hand elevated.
  • If not, how must it be managed to elevate its level of operation?
  • They elevated the sun several times in order to reduce its heat.
  • They can also be used to help elevate a horse that is heavy on its front end.
  • A self-taught man, worked hard and studied to elevate his spirit and knowledge.
  • The project also elevates its audience by not being in full control of itself.
  • Western Australia has limited production in the elevated parts in southwest of the state.
  • He had now the pleasure to call for something of a more elevating nature still. Cited from Yorksher Puddin', by John Hartley
  • Thus did he turn every subject into an occasion of elevating the soul to God. Cited from Spirit of St. Francis de Sales, Jean Pierre Camus
  • Some forms of stage work, you may say, are not particularly elevating. Cited from The Drama, by Henry Irving
  • His idea was to elevate every person to somehow become one level higher than his present state.
  • These countries developed in a way that the position of the head of the dynasty became more elevated.
  • The growth of internet video has provided a platform to help elevate the music industry.
  • The city was elevated to capital of his powerful though short-lived duchy.
  • The judges sat at a table in front of and below the elevated stage.
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