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  • Transmitting a beam of light via an electromagnetically flat surface is another capability.
  • While all forms of electromagnetically recorded music were using something called DC current, they had yet to try another form of electric current, called AC.
  • Hence they interact with other fermions both electromagnetically and via the weak interaction.
  • The gates are electromagnetically sealed while the ride is in progress, to ensure guests do not enter.
  • Wood seems to be the one he has the most difficulty with, as it cannot be electromagnetically manipulated, levitated, or damaged.
  • Between them, and the upper and lower groundplanes of the substrate, is an electromagnetically isolated space.
  • Each panel had an electric motor to drive its, usually sixty, selectors by electromagnetically controlled clutches.
  • Problems usually arise when the cable is not electromagnetically protected and the length is considerable, a more frequent occurrence with older network cables.
  • The gases interact electromagnetically, causing the gases of both clusters to slow much more than the stars.
  • It is then ionized into antiprotons which can be electromagnetically accelerated into the reaction chamber.
  • In this case the field remains unchanged outside the cloak and the cylinder is invisible electromagnetically.
  • Peak power values are given on a computer with electromagnetically braked ergometers.
  • It is also a method of heating tissue electromagnetically for therapeutic purposes in medicine.
  • These incoming rays are instead electromagnetically steered around the object by the metamaterial, which then returns them to their original trajectory.
  • At this point the only acceptable defense is electromagnetically and acoustically isolating the interior of the structure.
  • A smaller electromagnetically controlled auxiliary carburettor was placed between the main pair of carburettors to act as a choke.
  • Information about the signal aspect is conveyed electromagnetically to the moving train through equipment fixed in the middle of the track, known as AWS inductors.
  • As most neutron stars are electromagnetically invisible, gravitational-wave observations might allow completely new populations of neutron stars to be revealed.
  • Long-lived neutral particles provide a challenge in the construction of particle detectors, because they do not interact electromagnetically, except possibly through their magnetic moments.
  • The mirror is driven electromagnetically and is made of a metal-coated polymer.
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