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  • Many new electrified lines will be constructed during the coming years.
  • I went with a small group of people, and we were electrified.
  • Can't you feel it running through you and electrifying you? Cited from Simon Called Peter, by Robert Keable
  • The railway network consists of about of route, of which are high-speed lines and electrified.
  • The railway lines are not electrified, and contain only a single track between stations.
  • With opportunity given him, he had hoped one day to electrify the town. Cited from The Argosy, Vol. 51, No. 6, June 1891, ed. by Charles W. Wood
  • Their bodies are electrified, and some are able to use a short range death ray.
  • The train is therefore also able to operate on non-electrified lines.
  • The line was the first UK main line to be electrified throughout.
  • This line is one of the few in south-east England not to be electrified.
  • First Great Western has a wide network, but it is mostly not electrified.
  • Most of the electrified zone has four tracks, usually express and local tracks in each direction.
  • A great number of new areas has become electrified through an expansion of infrastructure.
  • He is known for his electrifying pace and very high work rate.
  • All lines are electrified, allowing any train to use any platform.
  • A few seconds later, one half of the chamber would become electrified.
  • The majority of Japan's rail network had been electrified in the post-war years.
  • Nevertheless, none of this lines is electrified or in use for long-distance trains.
  • However, they could move forward onto an electrified section under diesel power.
  • After the construction is completed, entire route will be electrified and current trains will be replaced by electric ones.
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Meaning of electrify

  • verb Excite suddenly and intensely
    The news electrified us
  • verb Charge (a conductor) with electricity
  • verb Equip for use with electricity
    electrify an appliance