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  • York's population has a slightly higher elderly population than the national average.
  • After two years, he found a new job in a home for the elderly.
  • As a result, many elderly people in these countries can still speak Japanese.
  • The second was the young woman's elderly mother, looking for her daughter.
  • It was common for there to be one or two elderly long-term residents.
  • The house is now used as a care home for the elderly.
  • Only a few rather elderly women go to Mass in the summer.
  • An elderly man, he then had limited funds and limited means to find a new home.
  • He was later found and saved by an elderly man walking his dog.
  • Many practice in the human services areas working with children, elderly, and ages in between.
  • Elderly residents were given the chance to become computer users also as a result.
  • Both were based on the same collection of elderly men from Judge's youth.
  • She rose from her elderly stoop as her body grew strong and young again.
  • Across the large double doors was a wing for the elderly in the family.
  • The money would be used to house and care for elderly tribal members.
  • She, and usually another elderly woman in the village, help during and after the delivery.
  • A large number of the elderly population of the area used this as their primary source of medical and social contact.
  • The third was the young woman's elderly father, searching for his wife and child.
  • The fair continued until the early 1980s, when housing for the elderly was built on the site.
  • Also, more and more elderly people from Northern Europe decide to stay here during the winter.
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