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  • At its most active star ejects materials equal to the mass of the Sun every few hundred years.
  • In other parts of the same province, the earth ejects water and petroleum. Cited from Equinoctial Regions of America V1, A. von Humboldt
  • However, his ship is damaged and he ejects, after which he encounters a shining light.
  • Mother Church ejects the suicide from her bosom only when his act is an act of despair. Cited from A Mummer's Tale, by Anatole France
  • Alfie ejects Kat from their home but she returns, saying she will do anything to sort things out.
  • We have no means of judging how great a weight of earth a single full-sized worm ejects during a year. Cited from The Formation of Vegetable Mould, by Darwin
  • After reaching this limit, the player can only recruit new characters if he ejects characters from his party to free up the slots.
  • On the day of wedding Raja ejects blood from his mouth and Baby takes him to hospital.
  • C.C. is easily defeated, but ejects to safety, surprised that she even cares about winning or losing.
  • He is immediately shot down, but safely ejects and lands on Soviet land, where he is promptly captured by nearby soldiers.
  • Angered, she ejects him from her car and abandons him in the middle of a busy street.
  • Valentine plays an usher who ejects guests from the theater when their time is up on the show.
  • She then flies close to the head of her host species and while hovering ejects her larvae into its nostrils.
  • This marker ejects a cartridge after each shot, just like real assault rifles.
  • One ejects with his female co-pilot whilst flying over enemy airspace and the other must put their differences aside in order to attempt a rescue mission.
  • The male lies parallel with her where he ejects his sperm into the substrate, so it can meet with the eggs she has laid.
  • Eggman then ejects Sonic into space, who then lands safely onto the planet below.
  • Ben then defeats Vilgax in a battle and ejects him into outer space.
  • They carry out the plan successfully and O'Neill also ejects in time, much to the joy of the others.
  • Suraiya ejects roman out of her house finally.
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Root form of ejects is eject for the verb.

Meaning of ejects

  • verb Put out or expel from a place
    The unruly student was excluded from the game
  • verb Leave an aircraft rapidly, using an ejection seat or capsule