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  • The fact that gained much media attention since the incident and even more after the ejection.
  • The stock was also slightly cut down on the left side to clear the ejection port.
  • The aircraft is equipped with a new ejection seat and life support system.
  • On his second ejection he retired to his native place, where he lived unobtrusively till his death.
  • Following the ejection, he was suspended for two games the next day.
  • Due to this ejection mechanism it was possible to fire from both right and left arm positions.
  • This also meant that no ejection seat would have to be fitted.
  • There is a small guard fitted forward of the ejection port to protect the forward hand.
  • The craft would have been equipped with a life support system and two ejection seats.
  • These field lines must be broken or weakened for the ejection to escape from the sun.
  • It is mostly used for ejection seat testing and very few aircraft now use the airfield.
  • Ejection was tried, however it did not prove successful due low altitude.
  • The party's unpopularity led to its complete ejection from parliament in the next election.
  • The non-ejection click had long been thought to have an origin outside the heart.
  • The ejection port is located on the right side of the weapon.
  • This ejection continues until most of the stars near the center of the galaxy have been removed.
  • Ejection seats are common on certain types of military aircraft.
  • There are claims of ejection from site without due reason by some festival goers.
  • Feed was from right side of the gun, with ejection to the left.
  • The force bent his ejection seat and he could not get his survival kit out.
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Meaning of ejection

  • noun The act of forcing out someone or something
    the ejection of troublemakers by the police, the child's expulsion from school