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  • The concept of an ejectable escape crew capsule has also been tried.
  • The concept of an ejectable escape capsule has also been tried.
  • It is considered the safest aircraft in service, largely due to its unique safety feature in the form of an ejectable fuel tank.
  • II by default, unlike previous models; however, an optional set can be added as an ejectable pod.
  • Although most aircraft carry non-ejectable beacons, ejectable versions are still built for overwater flight, and most of these feature the tumbling-airfoil design.
  • The ejectable magazine can hold 22 BBs, which must be manually loaded one at a time.
  • It also still uses its trademark Ejectable-Remote-Limb system, which has been tuned to be more precise in its actions.
  • Steering was achieved by the combined use of thrusters and ejectable balance masses.
  • To further enhance survivability, the ship was equipped with an ejectable rescue capsule.
  • The ejectable balance masses shift the capsule center of mass enabling generation of a lift vector during the atmospheric phase.
  • The cockpit was pressurized and, like the He 219, fitted with ejectable seats.
  • This is accomplished by a series of ejectable ballast masses consisting of two tungsten weights that were jettisoned minutes before atmospheric entry.
  • An Apharmd J armed with enlarged ejectable manipulator hands.
  • Observations on their diet of fish and the frequency of feather eating suggest that ingesting feathers, particularly down from their flanks, aids in forming easily ejectable pellets.
  • The craft contains two tiny ejectable cameras, DCAM1 and DCAM2.
  • A sister unit to the Joe model, this VOX model is built almost exactly the same as its brother; the claw arm has been switched to the left arm however, and the hammer replaced with an ejectable chainsaw.
  • Stealth aircraft like the F-22 or F-35 can have ejectable pylons to retain stealth and reduce drag.
  • The plane proper had a wingspan of 5.7 m and a length of 5.3 m. Including the ejectable nose its length would be 7 m.
  • New ground being broken by the Bullet Project team includes a wheel with an internal suspension system where only the outer rim rotates, and a fireproof blast-resistant ejectable driver capsule that maintains the driver in a breathable atmosphere.
  • The NTSB recommended in 1999 that operators be required to install two sets of CVDR systems, with the second CVDR set being "deployable or ejectable".
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