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  • Is the most important work of the eighteenth century written in this language.
  • War continued to be part of European life in the early eighteenth century.
  • It became a popular name for boys at the end of the eighteenth century.
  • It was not until the eighteenth take that a full version was recorded.
  • The union created the largest free trade area in eighteenth-century Europe.
  • The road in front of it is supported by an eighteenth-century bridge.
  • Part of the old palace was used for a military prison in the eighteenth century.
  • His poems were never included in his collected works until the eighteenth century.
  • Spanish control of Italy would last until the early eighteenth century.
  • This stage was first built in Japan in the early eighteenth century.
  • Minnesota's eighteenth governor had little time to effect significant change before he died in office.
  • Evidence of its first use as a public bath was in the late eighteenth century.
  • The tiny town remains today much as it was in the eighteenth century.
  • The term public opinion first emerged in France during the eighteenth century.
  • Of the old town, only a church and a few houses dating from the eighteenth century remain.
  • The Eighteenth century furniture found its way into his collection and can also be seen on display.
  • The mill building dates from the eighteenth century, and has been converted into a house.
  • These laws continued in operation during the eighteenth century.
  • The square was named after the Smith family, on whose land it was developed in the early eighteenth century.
  • When he died the titles passed to his son, the eighteenth Earl.
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