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  • Until a few decades back the river used to flow effortlessly during even intense summer.
  • Most of us have experienced those times when everything in our immediate life seems to flow effortlessly.
  • However, it does not account for how those involved in conversation effortlessly understand the communication.
  • In his forty-third year, he discovered that he possessed the ability to pass effortlessly through walls.
  • Over the years, she has learned how to harness them so effortlessly that they seem like her ideas.
  • In spite of different native languages the people can effortlessly communicate with each other.
  • And they take interest in them so spontaneously and effortlessly that they think these interests must be born within them. Cited from How to Use Your Mind, by Harry D. Kitson
  • Her work has been described as "modern, fresh and effortlessly composed."
  • He is said to have composed these vast works effortlessly.
  • Just as his mind was clearly active, so did his body also respond effortlessly to his demands. Cited from Storm Over Warlock, by Andre Norton
  • All of these skills are expected to be performed effortlessly, in keeping with the spirit of the art form.
  • John soon found that he was unable to control the powerful Roman nobility as his father had so effortlessly done.
  • She found that she had the power to effortlessly kill people and then bring them back as her undead servants.
  • When in good touch, he can clear the ropes quite effortlessly.
  • Additionally, cities with no alignment can be effortlessly claimed if the player places an army on it.
  • She has effortlessly defeated the Justice League of America and nearly killed Wonder Woman herself.
  • She wrote that in due course, the mind naturally learns to maintain focus on God almost effortlessly.
  • He sat down in front of it, and bit by bit, he had assembled it effortlessly in no time at all.
  • Once the capsule is opened it can be re-closed effortlessly by pushing the two pieces back together.
  • And, to be honest, I can do it a lot more effortlessly.
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Meaning of effortlessly

  • adverb Without effort or apparent effort
    she danced gracefully and effortlessly, swallows gliding effortlessly through the air