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  • It continued to work like it did in the past, only less efficiently.
  • The three branches of government would finally and efficiently be located close to one another.
  • The series has been used in case studies of how to shoot television series efficiently.
  • It is designed to be used very efficiently after a short learning phase.
  • It can, in fact, be used for this purpose, and very efficiently, too.
  • You study efficiently for the test and after taking it, you feel that you will receive a very high grade.
  • He also learned to work quickly and efficiently on a limited budget.
  • Thus, it is necessary to use available water more efficiently.
  • Units of local government were created by the colonies to efficiently carry out various state functions.
  • Other limits include using energy less efficiently or having a higher defect rate.
  • He can also move deceptively quickly and efficiently for a man of his size.
  • A test of market efficiency must include some model for how prices may be set efficiently.
  • Water conducts heat around twenty five times more efficiently than air.
  • These are efficiently used when reaching more broadly than a close reach.
  • We could try to use the available arithmetic of the computer more efficiently.
  • Machines were created in the 19th century to do the job more efficiently.
  • His wife supported him in the most difficult moments, while helping him to efficiently manage his career.
  • Goods, money, and people traveled more rapidly and efficiently than ever before.
  • The city runs city tour bus for efficiently using cultural heritage.
  • He saw bureaucracies as organizations driven towards certain goals, which they could carry out efficiently.
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Synonyms of efficiently

Meaning of efficiently

  • adverb With efficiency; in an efficient manner
    he functions efficiently